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Comments Hygiene

I've banned a moronic anonymous commenter that seems to have nothing of value to contribute, and is so illiterate that it can't even manage to spell my last name right. Just in case anyone was wondering. I grow less tolerant of such juvenile nonsense as time goes on. If the creature persists somehow, I'll just delete the posts as well (probably should anyway).


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Jeff Mauldin wrote:

Is it really time consuming to have moderate the posts that way?

Rand Simberg wrote:

No, not really. Fortunately I don't get that many anonymous trolls here.

Stephen Kohls wrote:

It sure seems like it's having a positive effect.

Brock wrote:

Looks good. This place cleans up nice.

Steve wrote:

His loss, our gain.

redneck wrote:

Yoor violating ma costipational rites to fre speach becaus i'M not yusing reel nam?

Rand Simberg wrote:

Contrary to the comment from "redneck" (e.g. John Hare) there are several different policies for pseudonyms.

If someone posts regularly with pseudonym, then no problem, per se. If someone posts and changes their name with every post to make some kind of idiotic "point" (the troll Elifritz is famous here, in the space blogosphere and in Usenet for this), he will be banned, and occasionally posts will be deleted. If it is completely anonymous (i.e., no name at all) I feel free to appropriately rename.

Stewart wrote:

What Brock said: TTM cleans up nice. It's always more enjoyable when discussion is rational and polite rather than irrational and rude!

john hare wrote:

I was trying to make fun of several stupid memes.

One is that this is a public park and all are welcome here. Even on usenet the ones that crap on the picnic tables are not welcome in the park.

This blog is private property and should be respected as such. You can get thrown out of cafes and concerts for innappropriate behavior, same here.

There is no constitutional or other right to post here. If I am banned for stupid jokes, I see it as legitamate. Though I wouldn't like it.

That each idea should be examined with the same care no matter where it comes from. An idea from Henry Spencer or John Carmack should have more weight than one from John Hare. And much more than one from GM. We all have limited time and don't need to waste it on people with bad track records.

That poor spelling and grammer doesn't matter. Busy people don't have time to unravel what you thought you were trying to say. No matter how poor you are in this, be as clear as possible if you want even a chance of being taken seriously.

Paul F. Dietz wrote:

The only criticism you might possibly merit over banning the AM is the time it took you to decide to do it.

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