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The Runaway Ego Of Barack Obama

The presidency as therapy?

That was a big problem with Bill Clinton.


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Swooning For Barry wrote:

Shitmberg hits the fan!

Read this moron:

You guys are clue-effing-less. Adult diapers are on sale at Walmart.

Steve wrote:

Obama is just Clinton with a mocha latte paint job.

Obama as Clinton?

Charismatic - check
Comes from Democrat-controlled state - check
Married a lawyer - check
Dubious relationship with Hillary - check
Tends to get softball interviews - check
Friends with shady real-estate dealings - check
Friends turning up dead in Fort Marcy Park - nope
Deals with terrorists - check (Obama w/ Bill Ayers, Clinton w/ Yasser Arafat)
Would pardon convicted terrorists - uncertain
Tax-and-spend liberal - check
Radical environmentalism - check
Radical judicial philosophy - check
Supports relatively free trade - nope
Supports two-state solution in Israel - check
Would instigate NATO wars against nations that have not attacked NATO member states - uncertain
Enemies audited by IRS - not at the moment
Would inspire a GOP takeover of the House of Representatives - uncertain

Bill White wrote:

More therapy, I guess

Rand Simberg wrote:

How do you know he didn't want that note to be found and read, Bill?

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