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Debut Of The Rocket Racer

Alan Boyle has the story of yesterday's demo in Oshkosh.


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Brock wrote:

I don't follow any sports, but I think I'll have to start if they get this thing off the ground.

Good on for Armadillo too. I can't imagine the amount of field experience they'll collect if this thing takes off. It probably won't be 100% applicable to orbital work, but it's got to be better than once-a-year Canaveral launches. And talk about low-cost through frequent use!

Josh Reiter wrote:

Definitely need to get engines that can throttle. I imagine everyone was probably like, "AAAaaaahh" when it took off and then when it cut the engine they all just sorta looked at each other like, "oh". Then, the foot tapping started waiting for the next military aircraft to take to the sky.

I know that the early X planes didn't get a throttled rocket till late in their dev and the RRL is just beginning. I just hope that this soft approach doesn't smoother this baby in the crib.

Will an RRL craft, as they stand now, be able to take a P-51 Mustang in an air race? If this is the future it needs to be a perceived progression in performance and profile.

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