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Down With Darwinism

I agree with Olivia Judson--we should get rid of it:

Darwin was an amazing man, and the principal founder of evolutionary biology. But his was the first major statement on the subject, not the last. Calling evolutionary biology "Darwinism," and evolution by natural selection "Darwinian" evolution, is like calling aeronautical engineering "Wrightism," and fixed-wing aircraft "Wrightian" planes, after those pioneers of fixed-wing flight, the Wright brothers. The best tribute we could give Darwin is to call him the founder -- and leave it at that. Plenty of people in history have had an -ism named after them. Only a handful can claim truly to have given birth to an entire field of modern science.

[Via LGF]


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Karl Hallowell wrote:

No. I disagree. Darwin did a really good job of nailing down evolution. I think a better example would be Newtonian mechanics. It's long obselete as a description of the universe, but still applies for a lot of day to day physics. And Newton still is honored for his great contributions to that model.

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