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Three Hundred?

Jennifer Rubin wonders why Senator Obama has so many foreign policy advisors. And why he still gets such lousy advice. Be sure to follow the link to Kondracke's piece, too.


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memomachine wrote:


300 foreign policy advisors?

What? Did he clean out every single Poli-Sci dept of every Ivy-League Uni in America?

Those meetings must be utterly insane. Not to mention the internal political wrangling between all 300 advisors as they undercut and compete with one another.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

I bet most of them are inactive in the day to day stuff. Maybe they wrote policy papers or something. Maybe they're just window dressing. But if Obama actually has 300 cooks in his national policy kitchen, it'll be a disaster.

It's the policy wonk version of Thermopylae!

Habitat Hermit wrote:

No wonder he's a'flippin' and a'floppin', poor guy must be pretty schizophrenic by now if it's true ^_^

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