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I'll Try To Restrain Myself

The FDA says to not eat lobster guts:

Health officials for years have advised against eating the tomalley, the lobster liver some regard as a delicacy. The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reiterated its advisory Friday, however, after some lobster livers tested positive for high levels of toxins caused by large blooms of red tide algae.

No problemo for me. I'll stick with the meat, as I always have.


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Ilya wrote:

That's supposed to be news? "Tomalley" is liver. Liver is what filters out the toxins. Lobster meat is very safe to eat because filtering is so efficient. Eating the filter itself is rather stupid.

ech wrote:

I'll admit to having eaten Tomalley. Tasty, much as foie gras it.

As for the red tide issue, it also affects oysters and clams.

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