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Ich Bin Ein Dummkopf

Obama's three hundred foreign policy advisors apparently weren't enough. His new choice of location for his German sermon from the mount, to win over valuable electoral votes of the German people, seems to have backfired as badly as the attempt to emulate Kennedy and Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate:

Andreas Schockenhoff, deputy leader of the conservative bloc in Parliament, said Sunday that the choice of the Victory Column, also known as the Golden Angel, was an "unhappy symbol" since it represented so much of Germany's militaristic past.

Rainer BrĂ¼derle, deputy leader of the opposition Free Democrats, said Obama's advisers had little idea of the historical significance of the Victory Column. "It was the symbol of German superiority over Denmark, Austria and France," BrĂ¼derle told the newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

The monument was built in 1864 to commemorate Prussia's victory over Denmark. When it was inaugurated, Prussia had defeated Austria during the Austro-Prussian war in 1866 and the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71.

The column has been originally located near the Reichstag, now the Bundestag, or German Parliament, which is close to the Brandenburg Gate. But Adolf Hitler relocated it about two kilometers, or one mile, toward the western part of the city to the Grosser Stern, or Great Star.

Too bad Leni Riefenstahl isn't around any more to film the event for him. Then later, he could reenact his grandfather's liberation of Auschwitz.

Maybe if he gets a couple hundred more advisors, he can find one with a clue. I've never seen anyone have so much trouble getting good help. It must be tough being a messiah.

I do have to say, though, that watching this kind of thing for four years would be entertaining. I just wish that he wouldn't be in charge of anything important during the show.


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Roy Lofquist wrote:

Yes, but they all went to the finest schools.

Jim Bennett wrote:

I dunno. Maybe a rally at a monument for a victory over France is a subtle ploy for the Jacksonian vote! After all, Americans have begun celebrating Mexico's victory over France for a while now, and it seems to have become part of the holiday calendar. Although the margaritas have something to do with it, too.

Bob Hawkins wrote:

Obama promises to restore our image with foreign countries, right? So far, he's embarrassed us with Canada, Colombia and Germany. Maybe someone should find out what kind of an image he wants us to have.

Jonathan wrote:

Rand, you are too pessimistic. There is nothing wrong with Obama that a few years of on the job training won't fix.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Ok but who's going to be in charge during those two years?

Mike James wrote:

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. I'm a pessimist, and we pessimists are rarely disappointed.

And it will take more than two years.

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