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Rocket Racing Meets Fashion

Over at Alan Boyle's place. I think that this is a very encouraging development.


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ken anthony wrote:

In the early 80's I installed a computer system in one of the two stores in NY where Donna Karen sold her Jewelry. She had one uptown store, but I did work in the midtown, well actually SOHO store. Her pieces reminded me of something Wilma Flintstone would be wearing.

The system I installed was having a parity error problem which I solved after noticing how cold the location where they kept there computer was got at night. After pushing all the memory chips back into the board I told them to just leave the computer on all the time. This kept the temperature steady and the chips didn't pop out of there sockets.

Could I ever imagine DKNY one day sponsoring rockets? No, but I agree it's a good thing. The Challenger explosion was right about that time. When one of my data entry people told me about it I couldn't believe it. Strange how these events tie together in life?

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