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The Stupidest Ruling In History

This probably isn't it, but in the immortal words of Marlon Brando, it has to be "a contendah." Particularly at the level of the court from which it was excreted. Of course, the real problem is the ADA, which opened the doors to such nonsense.


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tom wrote:

Actually it's the Reahabilitation Act of 1973 if you read down through the article.

But the most stunning part to me is that the court said "it makes no difference whether an employer has precise knowledge of an employee's substantial limitation." In other words, this can be used to retroactively sue somebody because they didn't know you were even disabled to begin with!

This goes so far outside the bounds of reasonableness that I can't believe it.

Jim wrote:

I'm confused.

If State didn't want to hire her because they couldn't guarantee medical care for her cancer, wouldn't that have been a better grounds for an ADA complaint? Why did they have to get into this weird sex stuff?

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