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Being Back In LaLa Land

...I really appreciate reading about the seven most retardedmentally-challenged ways that celebrities attempt to go green.

These were all funny at the time, but it's nice to see a well-annotated compendium.


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Jim Harris wrote:

Your hyperlink is also mentally challenged.

Private jets are a major theme in this list. Well, Cracked has a point.

Rand Simberg wrote: It was just a typo. Unless you think that leaving out an equals sign is a sign of retardation...

Jim Harris wrote:

All I meant is that hyperlinking is indeed a mental challenge. Part of the challenge is to test your links yourself.

Anyway I wouldn't have said anything except that you have complained that people don't correct your hyperlink mistakes, therefore proving that they didn't follow them.

Carl Pham wrote:'d think it would be easy for them to turn green, what with all the fertilizer they emit.

Rand Simberg wrote:

I appreciate the correction of a mistake. I don't appreciate the notion that the mistake is a result of mental deficiency. But that's what trolls do.

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