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Feel The Love

The healing continues, as the convention starts:

A handful of Clinton supporters also dogged MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews, calling him a "sexist pig" and booing him as he walked onto the network's set.

Was his leg tingling?

A group of about ten protestors joined the fray, holding up signs saying, "Clintons 4 McCain."

One woman holding a sign said, "We've been big Hillary Clinton supporters, we've been told to get over it... We want our party back."

Gonna be one heckuva show.


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Dave P. wrote:

Both sides should've seen this coming.
The Clintonistas should have realized that all the crap (lies, control of the press, false accusations of racism, et cetera) they had been pulling on George Bush since 1999, and Republicans in general since 1992, could also be pulled on THEM by their own party... after all, if this is the kind of behavior that we show to our political enemies- isn't it just a matter of time until someone inside the party decides that WE are an enemy?

The Obamanations should've realized that, after eight years of claiming that only the popular vote counts, claiming that the person with the LOWER popular vote count has just WON a Democratic internal position would beget a firestorm.

Of course the truly ironic thing here is that, after eight years of labeling President Bush an 'enemy of democracy' and an 'imperial president' who wins his offices by cheating, how quickly and decisively BOTH sides in this squabble have thrown the preexisting election rules out of the window when it suits them to do so.

Josh Reiter wrote:

"The Obamanations"

I think Obamatons like automatons. They've been programmed.

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