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Remembering DC-X

Jeff Foust reports on last week's anniversary get together.

When we finally start flying affordable space transports, future historians will look back in amazement that policy could have been so screwed up for so many decades, and so stubbornly unamenable to being fixed.


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ken anthony wrote:

A science fiction writer that lives in here in Phoenix wrote a great book about it. I had an autographed copied until somebody dropped it into a puddle overnight. Imagine that, they found a puddle in Phoenix.

It was a great read, but I can't remember the authors name. I know Pournelle and Dan Quail were prominent figures in the events described in the book (assuming my memory is working today.)

It was a tough little ship. Blew out its side and still landed successfully. After it had a landing gear problem or something.

Check out my plan to kill some Martians. Yes, I started a new blog. (Did I fit that in inconspicuously enough?)

I always thought the DC-X or something similar would make a great Lunar lander. Launch it into space empty (or with just enough fuel) on top of a second stage.

Or use a balloon. If you get a DC-X derivative up to enough altitude, couldn't it make it the rest of the way? Anybody mention that to Bezos blue horizons?

Any rocket scientist want to do the math?

ken anthony wrote:

“Was it all for naught? I don’t think so,” said Jess Sponable, a former DC-X program manager. DC-X sparked a resurgence in experimental “X-vehicles” both in the Air Force and NASA

Would Jerry agree?

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