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Just When You Think

...that the LA Times can't get any worse. Or funnier.

I have to say that I particularly enjoyed the comment by "Dick Stroker." I'm sure he's just a naif.

Speaking of LA, I'm flying out there tomorrow for almost two weeks. Blogging may be lightened somewhat--I'm supposed to be working. Or so the folks who are paying me tell me.

[Monday afternoon update]

Arrived safely, with luggage, even with a change in Dallas.

Unfortunately, just as I leave, it looks like Patricia is home alone to shutter up for Gustav next weekend.


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Leland wrote:

Congrats on the work. If you need more work, just create a pen name like "Randy Cocman" and maybe the LA Times will pick you up.

Ben Dover wrote:

Was there a joke in there? I didn't get it.

Richard "Dick" Foreman wrote:

It's not funny.

Hugh Jorgen wrote:


This totally disrupted a telecon I'm supposed to be on. Glad I have a mute button!


Heywood J. Bloeme wrote:

Too lame, too obvious....

Fanny P. Oker wrote:

You guys. What a bunch of maroons.

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