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Get Ready To Split A Gut the world's oldest jokes.

Well, OK, not so much. It says they're old jokes, not good jokes.


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Steve wrote:

I'm disappointed. I thought FOR SURE, that the worlds oldest joke would be something like,
" Egyptian with a statue of Anubis on his head, walks into a Temple of Baal..."
I have a question though, did the ancient Stand-up Philosophers use animal skin drums and bronze cymbals for a rim shot?

Ilya wrote:

Late in the evening, with a storm brewing, a traveling hunter comes across a shaman's cave and asks for a place to spend the night. "You can stay" says the shaman, "but we have very little room. You will have to sleep with one of my daughters..."

Need I go on?

Carl Pham wrote:

Weird that a joke stops being funny after you've heard it, or one like it.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

I liked the one about the pharoah. The bling-obsessed have been with us a long time.

Doc wrote:

Pull my finger.

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