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Saving The Planet

That's what Nancy Pelosi claims to be doing. Well, good. She seems to consider it more important than her political career:

A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken July 25-27 found that Americans by numbers approaching 2-1 would be more likely to support a candidate who backs expanded offshore drilling.

Well, I hope that she really does consider it so. I certainly do. Of course, it's hard for me to think of anything less important than Nancy Pelosi's political career. Let us hope for a rapid end to it.


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Brock wrote:

Americans prefer it 2:1. Nancy Pelosi is elected by the CA-8th Congressional District (downtown San Francisco). The last Republican to win an election there was Jack Anderson is 1950. I'm pretty sure her Congressional career is safe enough.

Steve wrote:

I'm with Brock. Speaker Pelosi's district will be decidedly in that third that is willing to have $10 per gallon gasoline, rather than see the oil rigs or harm the seals or little fishies.

Rand Simberg wrote:

I was referring to her career as speaker, not as a congressperson. Not that I wouldn't like to see her lose her seat as well, but that's probably not in the offing.

Paul Milenkovic wrote:

Don'tcha know.

What the Republican members of Congress is doing is a stunt. Either that, they are spoiled rich kids, mad that their patron, the Big Oil Companies, are not permitted to do what they want.

And McCain's ads poking light-hearted fun at Obama's rock-star status are the low road and dirty politics, and that Obama won't agree to Town Hall debates is meaningless because a front runner doesn't stoop to that kind of thing, and we have someone quoting the London Times on this, so all of this is true.

And that polls favor drilling, well, the public are a bunch of gun-totting Bible-quoting rubes anyway who don't understand their best interest.

Paul Milenkovic wrote:

I made this bold prediction on the ride to work with my wife this morning.

Some kind of "normalcy" (these days this means $3 gas and $70-$80/barrel crude) will be restored before the election -- in fact, this will constitute the October Surprise.

Why? Because high oil was supposed to work against the Republicans, but ever since John McCain put drilling on the table (a low-down dirty trick from that Schmidt fellow), it bounced like rubber and stuck like glue against the Democrats. And Obama has found his McGovernesque "a thousand dollars for everybody scheme."

If the price of oil is being manipulated by George Soros, he is going to have to reverse direction to get his bud Obama elected. If George Soros controlling all of this is tin foil hat talk, then the fallback explanation is that the gods, you know, the immortal but lesser impish dieties that God commands us not to worship but nevertheless do their thing to mess up the plans of us mortals, those gods will make the price of oil go down.

Because getting McCain elected is currently the best of two possible outcomes right now, just as finding Saddam's stash of WMD would have been a good outcome to the 2003 Iraq invasion, but those gods were not going to let George Bush off that easy.

So the lesser gods are on the horns of dilemma -- they could let oil stay high and get McCain elected, or oil could come down and Obama gets in.

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