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Hilarious And Sad

I'm watching the Tavis Smiley show on KCET before I go to bed on the west coast. He has Julianne Malveaux and Cornell West on, whining that "brother" (and they used that word many times) Obama's speech was too white.


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Steve wrote:


The longer he talked, the blacker he sounded.

Several times toward the end of his speech, he lost his "R"s and used "AH"s instead. He sounded like African-American preachers to me. All he left out was asking, "...can ah get an AMEN?", or he would have sounded like Al or Jesse.

He promised to drag poor people out of poverty, rebuild the black nuclear family, and stop teen pregnancy, keep young black men out of jail and re-open businesses and put jobs back in the inner cities. Isn't that what Jesse and Al promised when they ran? I mean it's all BS, but it sounded like every African-American politician I've heard here in the South for the last 40 years of paying attention.

Did they expect Obama to come out wearing baggy jeans, striped boxers, a Lakers shirt, his hat on side ways, and RAP his speech so he'd sound LESS white?

BTW, for those who have forgotten, Barack Hussein Obama IS half-white. Wouldn't sounding MORE black, be "milking" his black heritage by weaving in his experience as a black man, no matter what the question is? As Arsenio used to say, "...things that make you say, hmmmm!?"

tps wrote:

For what its worth, not much of course, The One's father is from the eastern side of Africa. That means there's a chance that he might have some Arab ancestors in the family tree. They were all along the coast as traders, slavers, and the like. Just an fyi.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

I'm truly more worried about his white half (and his white "liberal" puppet mastersadvisors), isn't that the part where most of the crazy and dangerous stuff comes from?

Frank Glover wrote:

I'm not terribly suprised. I've wondered if the number of people who would have a problem with the fact that Obama is black, is comparable to the number that don't think he's black *enough.*

Aside from displaying a very narrow notion of what it is to be black (the flip side of the 'articulate black man,' I guess...), just from a simple PR point of view, anyone with more than two brain cells should know that no one who derivates very much from accentless 'standard' English (Jimmy Carter and the Kennedys were about as extreme in that respect as you'll ever see in the White house) stands a serious chance of nomination, much less election. Pure and simple.

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