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Not Pawlenty

It's Batboy! Hey, we could do worse, and probably will.

The comments are great.


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Leland wrote:

Not to confuse her with Batboy, but local radio is suggesting it's Sarah Palin based on a chartered plane flight from Anchorage, AK to Dayton, OH.

Since Obama didn't pick a swing state candidate, and really flubbed the deal with Hillary; Palin is a good choice for McCain. Of course, I say this primarily because I was fearing the rumors that he'd pick someone like Kay Bailey Hutchison.

For the DNC, who just spent the week playing identity politics; Obama has shored up 13% of the vote, and McCain is going after 50% of the voting population. That's got to hurt.

If Palin is McCain's choice, I predict an Obama post convention bounce won't last past Wednesday of next week.

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