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I'll Get Right On It

Florida is apparently a haven for ambulance chasers, because there are always a lot of ads on television by lawyers trolling for victims (though now that I think about it, this may have been a national one, because it was on Fox News, which I get via satellite). I just heard one for some kind of medication that said, "If you or your loved one died after taking this stuff, call us right now."

OK, so if I died, what am I, supposed to channel John Edwards?


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Carl Pham wrote:

I always take these advertisements as proof of the existence of God.

See, it's reasonable to assume Evil is not stupid. This is why it has persisted. Therefore, it's reasonable to assume it would take steps to conceal itself, to be a wolf in sheep's clothing, so to speak. Left to our own devices, hunting out and destroying evil would presumably be like rooting out al Qaeda cells in Iraq: a difficult job, first, of detection and isolation.

But on the other hand, if God exists and loves us, then He would naturally give us a hand...say, by causing Evil to announce its existence, identity, and even exact location on national TV. Proof of God's sublime genius is that he not only does this, but causes Evil to pay for the announcement itself.

tom wrote:

You must be talking about Digitek. Yep, it's obvious the only ones who would benefit from that lawsuit woul dbe the lawyers.

Andy wrote:

Your second thought is correct, the ads are national. I've seen them on Fox and one or two other channels.

It makes me channel Monty Python: "I suffered death, but I'm feeling much better."

Jay Manifold wrote:

John Edward could help John Edwards channel you.

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