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Barack, Constitution Defender

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Carl Pham wrote:

You know, this is just more of the adolescent arrogant overreach that has made it so hard for this campaign, even with a 100 MPH Democratic-blowing tailwind at their backs, to get traction. Consider the possibilities:

(1) The station manager is a Democrat who doesn't mind being told what to do by his local Obama commissar, and whose station doesn't need the money. He yanks the ad. Strange, though, that if all this is true he'd have run the ad in the first place.

(2) The station manager isn't a donk in the tank for Obama, or he doesn't like being told what to do by a bunch of snotty twentysomething Chicago lawyers, or his station could use the dough -- or the publicity.

So he simply replies: Oh yeah? Sue me, four-eyes. I dare you

What's Team Obama's brilliant next step, hmmm? Crawl away with their tails between their legs oh, gee, sorry, okay, sorry to have bothered you, we were just asking. Or do they actually go ahead and file suit? And wouldn't that be just a lovely headling? Obama campaign sues TV station for airing critical NRA ad. That would really help him in western Pennsylvania, rural Virginia, or western Colorado, right? Regions he must win, and where every third family has an NRA member.

It's amazing no grown-up on the campaign staff -- I presume there's at least one -- cast an eye over this foolishness as it was sitting in the OUT basket and said WTF? This is amazingly stupid. Find out who wrote it and have them turn in their badge and secret decoder ring at the front office on the way out.

Leland wrote:

I hope in 6 months, we won't see Glenn starting posts with: "They told me if Barack Obama was elected President there would be a change politics -- and they were right."

Nothing like showing disdain for the First and Second Amendments at the same time.

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