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Haven't We All, At One Time Or Another?

Robert Wagner considered killing Warren Beatty.

Too bad he couldn't work up the nerve. It would have spared humanity from both Ishtar and Bulworth.


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Jane Bernstein wrote:

I auditioned for a Warren Beatty movie once, but I didn't get it. Didn't make me homicidal regarding him though. Now Ishtar, well..

Martin wrote:

And don't forget "Reds" - that great big sloppy kiss that Beatty gave to bolschevism.

Mike Puckett wrote:


You would have been lousy in the role of Warren Beatty anyway.

For starters, you are the wrong sex to be playing him.

Jane Bernstein wrote:

Mike, you shouldn't write things like that when a girl is having her supper. I nearly chortled water out of my nose.

That said, hanging out with Annette Bening could be nice.

It was "Bugsy" for what it's worth. "Reds" and "Ishtar" were way before my time, and "Bulworth" substantially after.

memomachine wrote:


If assassinating Beatty would've prevented the atrocity of "Bullworth" then I'm all for it.

Otherwise. The damage has already been done.

Carl Pham wrote:

Holy cats, I didn't know Wagner snaffled Jill St. John after Natalie Wood. How does he do it? Mind-control rays? Potent pheromones?

Todd Holdorf wrote:

Love the Christopher Walken connection.

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