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Can't Wait

I just love Florida.

I'm in LA right now, but going home to Boca on Saturday. And right now, the models have a Cat 4 hurricane directly hitting my current home town on Tuesday night.

Patricia put up the shutters on the windows earlier this week in anticipation of Hannah, which is now a tropical storm and missing Florida. But at least we'll be mostly ready for Ike. But I'll still have to put up plywood on the patio doors, and a hurricane that strong could have a flooding surge. We may decide to head up to Orlando, but this weekend will give us a much better sense of where it's really heading early next week.


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Rod wrote:

I suppose with a Hurricane, you've got an inkling that it's coming. Earthquake, oh well, and I've been through both. Anyway, best of luck to you,take care and be safe.

Jonathan wrote:

This might be a good time to head for the hills, if we had any hills.

Brock wrote:

Some days I'm surprised you people bother with things like windows and screen doors.

Leland wrote:

I think as far out as the prediction is, you have a good chance of getting missed. 24 hours ago, the track put Ike on KSC's doorstep on Wednesday, now it will pass far west of that point. I think it will come up the back side of Florida.

On the other hand, it will be a major hurricane.

Pete Zaitcev wrote:

Outside of natural good luck wishes, I just have to ask if any Floridians calculated the cost of building an elevated resdential dwelling out of high strength materials versus the insurance premiums over the projected service life of it.

Rick C wrote:

Pete, that's a requirement in many places--on the beach.

Leland wrote:

11am EDT update puts the Ike track west of Florida. However, it is still close enough to put you on the wetside of a nasty storm.

Jonathan wrote:

5pm track looks even better.

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