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News You Can Use

You (or at least they) can tell a woman's v@ginal org@smic potential by watching the way she walks.



Bob Hawkins wrote:

I guess this explains why the Big Bopper was so enamored of "a wiggle in her walk."

anon wrote:

The synopsis states that 16 women participated in the study. Only 16 women? How can these scientists expect to see trends with that populace? Try 1,600 or perhaps 160,000 participants.

K wrote:

Only 16 women?


On the other hand, this likely shows the ease with which one can become a licensed "sexologist". Just think of the interesting and important papers one could write.

Josh Reiter wrote:

"Only 16 women?"

Oh, I'm sure they had thousands, these were the 16 that caught their eye.

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