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Fourth Time's The Charm?

There's another Falcon launch attempt scheduled tonight, 4-9 PM PDT. Here's hoping.

SpaceX will be webcasting, as usual. Spaceflight Now will be covering it as well.


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Cecil Trotter wrote:

Fourth time is indeed the charm it seems!

Really impressed with how rock solid the second stage was in yaw, pitch and roll.

Looking forward to a Falcon 9 launch.

Eric Weder wrote:

Congratulations to SpaceX. I hope the MSM gives this huge success the attention it deserves. Bring on Falcon 9!

Brad wrote:

Why does the spacex link to the launch weirdly claim that 5200 m/s is orbital velocity? A typo? Regardess of that, good show SpaceX!

Now I can look forward to the first flight of the Falcon 9. Perhaps the greatest obstacle there is airstarting the new upperstage version of the Merlin engine.

Ralphe wrote:

A wonderful success! They made orbit. The rules may have changed. Congratulations to the entire team.

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