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What A Comeback


I'd kind of given up on the Wolverines in the first half. Their defense was doing a great job, but they had to, because every time they stopped the Badgers, the offense gave it back to them.

But it looks like they're going to win a big comeback, from being down 19-0 at the half, to a 27-19 win. Four straight unanswered touchdowns, and they saved a score in the last three minutes with a fumble recovery inside their own red zone. It's going to be tough for Wisconsin to come back--they need eight points with less than two minutes remaining. Maybe there's some hope for the season after all.

[Update after the game]

They took it down to the wire. Wisconsin scored another touchdown, but missed the two-point conversion needed to tie, and then put the on-side kick out of bounds, so Michigan squeaked it out. Regardless, it's still the biggest comeback in school history I think (or at least in the top five) in the 500th game in the Big House, and a good way to kick off the Big Ten season with a new head coach.


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Dennis Wingo wrote:

Alabama 31, Georgia 0 at the half.


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