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Hockey Moms For Truth

This is great. I love the accents, but I think they're Minnesota, not Alaska (though they're closely related).

Of course, the anonymous wanker in comments who is always crying "Pants On Fire" will take it seriously.


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Bill Maron wrote:

There's a Palmer, MN east of Mankato. I can't remember if they had a rink. Most of those small towns do. I agree the accents are MinnesOta.

Josh wrote:

I'm from Alaska, and I hate to tell you this, but there's no one Alaskan accent. How an Alaskan speaks depends mostly on where his or her family came from, where in Alaska they live, etc. One thing we'll usually have in common is a more Western speech pattern (which Palin has).

My own accent is basically straight up Middle American Newscaster, though with that same Western speech pattern (diluted a bit after seven years in graduate school). But I easily recognize Palin's accent as an Alaskan one, and I'm sure she'd recognize mine.

I'm from Texas. I didn't know Alaska had an accent.

Can't Stop Beclowning Myself wrote:

Hey Simberg,

Are you easily spooked?

Sounds like they studied you and some of your aging tribe in this echo chamber.


My Sphincter Is Cutting Off My Air Supply wrote:

Hey Simberg,


Did I scare you?

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