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Turnabout Is Fair Play, Part Two

The McCain campaign should get with some of the Abe's List folks in Hollywood (like Dennis Miller) and work up some material. Then get SNL to have Palin as a guest where she can do impressions of Tina Fey.


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MarkJ wrote:

Great idea. Of course, the problem for Fey is that Palin may end up being so good that the suits at NBC may a) tell Fey to take a hike and, in turn, b) offer Sarah her own primetime sitcom.

Neil H. wrote:

Coincidentally, yesterday on HubDub I created a market to predict whether or not Governor Palin would play Tina Fey on SNL before the election:

It's currently standing at a 27% chance.

RR Ryan wrote:

The funny thing is that Sarah apparently dressed up as Fey last Halloween.

Mark F wrote:

Take it even further in the Fey direction as a "Mean Girls" takeoff with Palin/Fey vs. the feminist left.

Jim C. wrote:

A great idea. It would be even funnier than the original lampoon, and probably the funniest thing they've done in a long time. Which means, of course, they probably won't do it.

Right Wing Nutter wrote:

White House Correspondents dinner, 2009. After John leaves them in stitches (from laughter, rage, whatever) Sarah reprises W's performance with Tina Fey in the Steve Bridges slot. ("I'm pleased to see the 'First Dude' here" -- "He's hot.")

will wrote:

People still watch SNL? It hasn't been funny since the 80s!

Matt Carolan wrote:

Not a bad idea for pure payback. But, Tina Fey isn't interesting enough to merit an impression.

Squid wrote:

The two should appear together, each playing the other. This gets big laughs, makes each woman look like she can take a joke and can rise above political squabbling, and plays to the bizarre po-mo "humor" that SNL loves.

Everybody wins!

Andy Freeman wrote:

Actually, McCain should continue his "anti-glitz" campaign.

He should point to the celebs used to get folks to attend Dem events and say something like "Have you seen the list of folks who appeared with Sen Obama? It's a Who's Who of great American entertainers. I may be going about this all wrong. He's the great speech maker but look at how he uses his undercard to draw crowds. I'm a boring old white guy and the exciting part of my campaign is ...."

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