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A Potemkin Airplane?

If this is true, don't expect to see White Knight II flights as soon as Sir Richard promises.

These delays come from his misguided belief that Burt was God.


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gravityloss wrote:

Well, it's not so strange. Just Scaled doing what has been the usual line of business for most companies since, well, ever? If that's what the customer pays for, that's what they do. They have done mockups before. And radar models and what you have. I don't know if they themselves do any stupid claims about the thing standing there, instead let just Sir Branson babble (does he really believe in that himself, I don't know)...

Leland wrote:

I agree with gravityloss that they wouldn't be the first company to do this (besides Boeing). However, a company usually does something like this when funding is in question and needs to be shored up. Otherwise, they would role it out with the clear explanation that, "this is the airframe, and we just wanted to give you a look" (that might be, I don't recall, because I really just look for actually flights than photo ops).

Karl Hallowell wrote:

When was the photo taken?

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