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Shocking News

There was a total lack of accountability at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. And as is point out, this makes Powell's endrsement of Obama particularly clueless:

The mistake in bringing up Ayers was not in doing so per se, but in focusing on his sixties activities, and not paying more attention to their partnership in attempting to radicalize Chicago schoolchildren in the 90s. Not to mention the ongoing dissembling and (yes) lying by Obama about the relationship.

And of course, the biggest mistake with all of this "negative" (i.e., truthful) focus on Obama was not doing it last summer, because now it does have the appearance of desperation.


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II wrote:

Like dogs sniffing their own piss, some can't stop fantasizing about Bill Ayers.


Rand Simberg wrote:

Bill Ayers is not our "piss," Anonymous Moron. And he's a different and stronger form of excrement.

Josh Reiter wrote:

"Like dogs sniffing their own piss,

Worst analogy EVAR!

Adam Greenwood wrote:

Like a parachutist who forgot to pull the cord, II can't help splattering bad metaphors all over the comment section.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

Like cowpatty bingo, it dumps on the wrong numbers.

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