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Let's Hope "Temporary" Isn't Temporary

Jonah Goldberg has thoughts on the financial crisis.

My big concern is that some slopes are very slippery, with nasty things at the bottom of the hill, and that politics can often be like a ratchet. If Obama wins, I fear that it will be very difficult to undo the damage of the most left-wing, "progressive" government since the nineteen thirties.


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Kelly Starks wrote:

in the last paragraph ni the article
>..If there's a real crisis, I don't mind if a cop commandeers private
> property i.e. your car if he needs to catch a kidnapper. But I'd be
> horrified to live in a country where cops get to seize your car simply
> because they're cops. ...

Reminds me of how the cops can a do grab anything suspected drug dealers own (Cars, homes, cloths, etc) and even if the suspect is never prosecuted - they can keep it. It helps fund and equip anti-drug orgs, but I really find the precedent frightening.

Beryl Gray wrote:

In the words of my second-favorite plumber, Cosmo Castorini, "Everything's temporary! That don't excuse nothin'!"

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