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To Know It Is To Hate It

Michael Totten, on why the UN deservedly gets no respect.


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Bill White wrote:

Hate is not a strategy

Yes, the United Nations is flawed but to criticize without a strategy explains why the GOP went from being a party with total political dominance (2002) to crushing defeat (2008) in six short years.

After reading the entire article, a solution for Kosovo will require more US foreign aid money and the exclusion of ethnic Serbs from enclaves within Kosovo and US troops to protect Kosovo from Serbia.

If we do that then we (US) can expel the UN from Kosovo.

= = =

If Bush 41 had gone to Baghdad there never would have been an oil for food situation to begin with.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Hate is not a strategy

Who said it was?

Another straw man.

Carl Pham wrote:

Hate is not a strategy

Er, yes, actually it is, and a pretty successful one, at least in the short run. That's exactly the problem in the Balkans: the Serbs have been pursuing a strategy of total hate, just exterminate your enemies at any cost. A strategy like that is simple, powerful, and (if you succeed) frees you from any constraint on your own vision of the future.

Additionally, when someone pursues a strategy of hate, a counter-strategy of sweet reason, persuasion, appeasement, or payment of ransom and blackmail, is notoriously unproductive.

I mean, assuming your purpose is defeating the hate, as opposed to merely feeling morally superior to it (which doesn't do the victims of hate much good).

Yes, the United Nations is flawed but to criticize without a strategy explains why the GOP went from being a party with total political dominance (2002) to crushing defeat (2008) in six short years.

No kidding? And here I thought it had something to do with the mortgage meltdown, since McCain was actually ahead of Obama before that happened. Plus there's a certain amount of pot calling the kettle black here, even if we grant your assumption. The near entirety of the Democratic approach to campaigning for the past two years has been to criticize the Bush Administration, and the Republican Party, without a strategy, and even for stuff that can only with a great stretch of the imagination be laid at their feet. The war in Iraq was wrong! Or maybe right, but fought wrong! Afghanistan is being fought wrong! Pakistan has been full of Islamic nutroots for the past 50 years -- somehow you Bush/Haliburton bastards did that, through your evil Texas time machine. The mortgage market -- you fucked that up, too, with all your forcing people to borrow money they couldn't pay back, and forcing poor stupid stockbrokers to buy mortgage securities that weren't worth squat. The price of gas -- that's your fault, you dumbasses, although we'll need to get back to you on exactly why and how.

And...the counter-proposals? Er...well...Hope! Change! Fairness!

But if y'all are willing to equate empty slogans with strategy, I've no doubt the Republicans can oblige, and the country will sink further into yammering grade-school playground debate. Yah, well, takes one to know one, nyah nyah!

Gosh, how inspiring that will be.

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