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I Have To Confess

I have never thought of Lori Garver as a snow princess.

Will she be the next administrator, though?

I also have to say that I found this comment disturbing:

Seems highly likely Orion will become ISS only for now.

Let's sincerely hope not. That would be a major blow to commercial services. Better to just end it, and ramp up COTS.

[Afternoon update]

She's married, with kids. Shouldn't she be the Snow Queen (not to be confused with the Ice Queen)?


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Ferris Valyn wrote:

FWIW, I know Cowing has reported she isn't interested, and I've heard that from someone else as well.


Rand Simberg wrote:

She has told me that, too. We'll see...

Anonymous wrote:

Re royalty: The king and queen might have a number of children. The eldest will grow up to eventually become a monarch. The younger children will remain princesses and princes, even after they mature, marry, and have children of their own. If Garver is a princess, who is the queen or king?

Rand Simberg wrote:

I think the metaphor leaves a lot to be desired.

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