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This Is Frightening

...if true:

It seems that the conspiracy theorist, windpower opponent (at least when it's in his family's backyard), expert climatologist and proto-McCarthyite, RFK Jr., is being considered for the EPA. I guess he must be an example of the pragmatic approach that we keep reading so much about...



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the pathetic earthling wrote:

a fellow who simultaneously opposes yucca mountain AND the storage of nuclear waste on site at nuclear power stations (in particular, indian point, ny)

Brock wrote:

Maybe we can sell him on mandating fast burn or molten salt reactors as "raising CAFE standards on those evil power companies" and requiring that fast breeder reactors "recycle" all nuclear waste. Lastly the 30-year halflife waste left over can be "composted" on site.

Big D wrote:

*snicker* I love it! Let's *force* all those eeeevil nuclear plants to RECYCLE their fuel! :)

MG wrote:

If President-Elect Obama wants a second term, his energy and environmental policies will need to contribute to economic recovery.

OTOH, if he really BELIEVES all the leftist twaddle he confided to his San Franciscan supporters, he will face a Republican federal legislature in 2010. And, with any luck, Republican governors and state-houses in 2012 for reapportionment.

However, it would seem that his public campaign messages were substantially general enough that he could bend to almost any breeze, or to any of his puppet masters.

What... you thought he won hard-fought campaigns for the Illinois or the Federal Senate? Pfft.

Carl Pham wrote:

Frightening? Quite the contrary. The EPA is a God-damned mess who can't hire decent people (I should know, I considered a job there years ago until I learned what they pay).

The worst thing you can do is put a competent compromiser in charge. That runs the risk of them actually getting stuff done, a nibble here, a nibble there.

Excellent news if Obama is going to put a showboating overreacher in charge. He'll hamstring the agency from day one, forgoing the grubby doable for the glamorously quixotic. Even better if he holds weekly press conferences shrilly denouncing nuclear power and proposing we all ride wind-powered bikes to work while the price of gas rises in the spring, as it always does. Testify, brother! Mwah hah hah.

Brock wrote:

Carl, no need to root for the country flushing itself down the drain. Even Democrats like RFK Jr. aren't evil, so it's usually possible to find some common ground to work with them on.

Anonymous wrote:

Carl Pham

I nominate you for best comments poster on this blog. Maybe somebody should take you on board as a co writer?

Carl Pham wrote:

Brock, I don't equate hamstringing the EPA to "flushing the country down the drain," because, as I said, I have no faith that the job the EPA presently does is worth its cost. I think the agency could be simply abolished and the Republic would be better off.

Even Democrats like RFK Jr. aren't evil

Says who? Let's quote the man, from his speech at the "Live Earth" concert:

These villainous companies that consistently put their private financial interest ahead of American interest and ahead of the interest of all of humanity. This is treason. And we need to start treating them as traitors.

Got that? This fellow thinks folks just quietly earning a living, forcing nothing on anybody, but who decline to be foot-soldiers in his particular crusading army -- and I do believe he means me -- should be put to death. I see no difference, aside from the (substantial) matter of intelligence and competence, between he and Joseph Stalin.

it's usually possible to find some common ground to work with them on.

Not interested. It'll be a cold day in Hell before I've the slightest interest in finding common ground with this shit for brains prick of a slick willy prig.

There's no doubt Democrats with whom common ground can be found, yes. In fact...why, look at that! Turns out I'm a registered Democrat, so there we go. But compromise with anyone under any circumstances is mere mindless cowardice. We shall sort out those who are decent but confused men, with whom we can converse, and those who are merely scum that must be ignored or swept into the sea.

Any chance of convincing him that light bulbs with mercury in them are bad for the environment?

Are those LED light bulbs on the market yet? They don't have mercury, don't make uncomfortable noise, and don't give people migraines.

The Pathetic Earthling wrote:

RFK is also part of the vaccine/autism crowd.

Rand Simberg wrote:

RFK is also part of the vaccine/autism crowd.

That can't possibly be. It's only Rethuglicans who make war on science.

Brock wrote:

Ok, so that's all bad. But politics is the art of the possible. McCain lost; Obama won and gets to appoint people. It's either finding common ground or being out of the loop (and letting them regulate willy-nilly) for four years.

Carl Pham wrote:

Ha ha, Brock, I think you have greatly mistaken who it is that needs to find common ground here.

Remember Nancy Pelosi begging the Republicans for cover on the bailout bill? I surmise it's going to be that way, writ large. See, one of two things are true:

(1) Pelosi, Reid and Obama are clueless idiots who think they really have been elected to sodomize -- oops, I mean socialize the United States the way their starry-eyed 18-22 year old demographic would like, kind of the way they thought (with much better justification!) they'd been elected in 2006 to just flat out end the Iraq War. They'll go for it and drive straight off the electoral cliff, smashing the Democratic bus for a decade, like ol' Jimmah Cahtah (dean of feckless self-neutering), and like they almost did when they misinterpreted the meaning of their 2006 win vis-a-vis the war.


(2) P, R and especially O are smart, as evidenced especially by the centrist rhetoric in the closing days of the election, when Barack Obama choked down his own exquisitely Harvard-trained vomit to praise drilling for oil -- fucking Dark Ages fossil fuels that smudge Spaceship Earth's windshield and line the undeserving pockets of Halliburton Cheney knuckle-dragging retard page-texting pervs, fer Flying Spaghetti Monster's sake! -- and now one or more of the troika realize they must betray the Obama Youth Brigades and nutroots as soon as possible if they've any hope to survive.

But how to stick the knife in without hideous blowback, e.g. fracturing your base like George Bush and his Harriet Meiers escapade? What they need is Republican cover. So sorry! We were unable to nationalize the recording industry and nail down every citizen's constitutional right to free pop MP3s because those darn Republicans threatened to filibuster. If you send us more money, we might be able to do it next year.

Ayup. If you need not to get stuff done, a loyal opposition is mighty handy. But if the opposition feels like just letting you twist for while, it could really bite to be 100% in charge. Why, sure, y'all just go right ahead and pass that bill cranking up the gas tax 50% to fund new bike paths and long-distance bubble-top trains for youth-hosteling railpass weenies -- and good luck explaining that vote to your constituents over the age of 40, bwa ha ha. See you in November!

Anonymous wrote:

You were right that Obama has terrorist connections!

The son of a Terrorist to head his White House:

It's an effing Jewish conspiracy to take over the country using a man in black-face.

Obama is a closet Jew. Think about what he wrote at the Wailing Wall.

Think hard and be fearful. The Jews have taken over.

Eric Weder wrote:

Rand, I think maybe it's time to clean out a few of the nastier trolls under your bridge. It's incredible how really nasty they've become in the last few days, must be pumped up thinking their new god will protect them.

Carl Pham wrote:

The Jews have taken over.

Not a problem. I'm totally solid with Zion Central Command.

In fact, I'm only awaiting the arrival by courier of my colonel's commission in the secret police before I start helping round up all the defectives for sterilization. It's very helpful that you've provided me with your location.

Don't try to run. There's no point. Just stay calm, and remember what The One has said, that each of us must sacrifice so that the planet can heal.

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