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My Condolences To The Obama Family

...on the death of Senator Obama's grandmother.


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memomachine wrote:


"...on the death of Senator Obama's grandmother."


Losing a family member is always a painful experience for everyone involved. Particularly so for small children so I hope the Obama kids, along with everyone else, are taking this as well as possible.

Brock wrote:

That sucks for Obama. Even if he wins tomorrow it's pretty much ruined by the death of the woman who raised him. And if he loses tomorrow, wow. It'll probably be the worst two days of his life, ever, barring some morbid future where his wife and daughters are killed in car crash or something.

Stewart wrote:

Yes, condolences to the family; I pray a Higher Power will give them the loving comfort of 'the everlasting arms.' Losing the election would be a double whammy, but not getting a crappy job isn't the same as the loss of a family member, especially for the kids.

III wrote:

Kudos, Rand, for being human.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Wow. What a compliment. Yes, I have to work so hard to be "human."

<rolling eyes>

III wrote:

OK, sorry, I withdraw the comment, then.

Simon Jester wrote:

I'll bet she votes today.

Ryan Olcott wrote:

I know I must be a horrible person with a very irreverent and morbid sense of humor when the first thoughts that popped in my mind upon hearing the sad news were:

"Getting thrown under a bus will do that to ya"

Quite inappropriate and socially unacceptable, but for some reason I have a hard time suppressing my mirth when I think of that phrase. I have also lost grandparents I greatly cared for, so I can empathize with what he must be going through, but at the same time I also able to laugh at the morbid irony of the timing. Should I see a shrink?

AshleyZ wrote:

Well, that's nice. I thought McCain's condolences were nice, too.

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