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Stephen Green says that President-Elect Obama isn't off to a very good start.

And Brian Doherty is concerned about the cult of personality. Really? He just noticed?


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tagryn wrote:

Rand - can you check and see if the RSS feed ( for your blog is still working? The last entry in it is from May 16, and it doesn't seem to be picking up new entries after that.

Rand Simberg wrote:

I don't have to check. I know it is not working. I don't know how to make it work, absent a Movable Type guru.

cthulhu wrote:

On Meet the Press this past Sunday, Valerie Jarrett, Obama's transition co-chair, said Obama would be ready to "rule" (yes, that's the exact word she used) on January 20th. Brokaw let it slide without comment . . .

anon wrote:


ken anthony wrote:

We can hope it's a case of the dog catching the car and not knowing what to do with it. My biggest concern is they will create more programs to channel taxpayer money into hundreds of get out the vote organizations that only seem to find democrat voters (dead or alive.) Look at how they are still fighting for 60 votes.

I don't understand why the term 'compassionate conservative' didn't send off alarm bells when it was first introduced. You have to notice those things if we are ever going to get the RINOs out of the party.

My second concern is this will be the time our foreign enemies maneuver into position to take advantage of us while we are not on guard.

We may have to depend more on the blue dogs than the RINOs this next term.

Daveon wrote:

Ken, reading some of your posts and Rand's and a bunch of other sites really gives me hope. The comments you guys are making sound just like those the British conservative party made in 1997. Especially the stuff about not having picked a conservative enough leader in John Major etc...

The party spent 10 years and 4 leaders pulling itself apart.

Rand Simberg wrote:

...reading some of your posts and Rand's and a bunch of other sites really gives me hope.

Gives you hope for what? Continuing and growing fascism?

Daveon wrote:

Gives you hope for what?

A long and hopefully instructive time in the political wilderness out of which I hope a real pro-liberty, pro-business, small government party emerges.

Continuing and growing fascism?

You are getting just plain nasty now.

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