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The Big Chill?

So, are we heading for rising sea levels, or a return of the glaciers? A roundup of the debate.


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Josh Reiter wrote:

Both! Rising Sea Glacier levels will destroy us all! Tornadoes will eat your puppies and hurricanes will eviscerate our kittens! Polar Bears will evolve opposable thumbs and invent the Ray gun to destroy us all in sweet sweet revenge. The Earth's core will supernova and send towers of acid into the sky!! And....Rosie O' Donnell will be given a new TV show!!!!!!


What!? She already has a new show!?! My God, Armageddon is already upon us! Quick, sacrifice 40 virgins to the God-burger of Mcdonalds and feed their still beating hearts to the Starbucks mermaid queen. It's our only hope!! *Cowers in corner*

memomachine wrote:


IMO I think we're headed into a cold phase.

Even James Hansen, that quack, at NASA thinks we're heading into a cold phase. Only he thinks human generated GHG and CFC's will not only stave it off but warm the planet.

Which indicates someone needs to be struck very very hard with a cluebat.

Personally I'm arranging things so I'll be moving either to Tampa-Sarasota or Georgia next summer.

tim maguire wrote:

The conventional claim is short-term hot / long-term cold. The long term is too far away for us to care about and the short term is wrong.

So why can't we ignore both? Because "they" won't shut up and the "solve every problem with huge gobs of somebody else's money" crowd just took over.

ken anthony wrote:

When old faithful becomes a super volcano (it's due) that should tip us into another ice age.

Josh, everybody knows it's a mini black hole that will swallow up the earth, not enough mass for a nova.

Wait. There is Rosy. My apologies, you're right.

Hey, even a fat guy can't help but make a fat joke when it's laid out for ya so well.

mz wrote:

Hot in the next few hundred years, cold in the next few thousand.
Seems like a too complicated idea for many people here.

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