Lunar Resources

Time to use some of your frequent flyer miles:

Free Public Lecture By Dr. Harrison Scmitt, Apollo 17 astronaut, geologist

Topic: Lunar Resources (e.g. Helium-3)

Location: UAB Alys Stevens Center at 8:00 PM on April 1, 2004

Harrison Schmitt Bio

The Alys Stephens Center is located on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which is in the Southside area of Birmingham, Alabama. The street address is:
1200 10th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294-1280

The ASC is easily accessible from two major thoroughfares.

I-65 Northbound
Exit onto 8th Avenue South (University Boulevard). Turn right on 13th Street, then right again on 10th Avenue South. The Alys Stephens Center will be on your right.

I-65 Southbound
Exit onto 4th Avenue South. Turn right on 13th Street, continue to 10th Avenue South and turn right. The Alys Stephens Center will be on your right.

Highway 280 (Red Mountain Expressway)
Exit onto 8th Avenue South (University Boulevard) and turn right. Travel to 13th Street South and turn left. Turn right on 10th Avenue South, and the Alys Stephens Center will be on your right.

Off street parking is located directly across the street from the ASC. Street parking is also available. There is an upper and lower circular driveway that can be used to drop off disabled patrons. Allow extra time for parking during weekday performances.

– Jim McDade

One thought on “Lunar Resources”

  1. I seem to have to always bring these things up when trying to communicate the necessity of the Moon, as the University of Space Exploration. The United States dropped out in 1972, and merely flirted with the admissions office in 1994 and 1998.

    Thank God people like you kept the fires lit over decades.

    It’s particularly exciting now that we can see LRO and LCROSS stacked and packed, ready to return us to Freshman Orientation, with the other precursor missions waiting in the wings. Let’s hope. rather than drop out, the United States doesn’t simply flunk out this next time.

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