8 thoughts on “If You Believe “Victims” Without Question”

  1. The real cause of fake hate crimes and people pretending to be other races isn’t that people aren’t skeptical enough. It is good we have a compassionate society. It is bad that we have a party with structural perverse incentives that lead to fake hate crimes and people pretending to be other races.

    1. Yes, but as your link shows, it was mostly a left/right divide. Maybe there were some prominent lefty youtubers who were skeptical but the only one I saw, doesn’t mean there weren’t others, was Tim Pool.

      Good youtube channels get a lot of views. Some as many as some of the cable news shows. This is why the technocrats and regressive left are so intent on censorship and deplatforming on the internet.

      One of the new causes is censoring “conspiracy theories”. But what is a conspiracy theory? Who gets to decide? When the regressive left decides, then videos that question or debunk leftist narratives will be banned. But what they will claim is the reason for censorship? Flat Earthers and anti-vaxxers.

      In practice though, it will be those who question whether or not Nakula was a scapegoat and not people who say Iraq was a war for oil. We already saw this with people debunking the Democrat’s claims about those pro-life kids. Social media companies were taking down videos that showed the truth.

      You should check out Tim Pool, if you haven’t already. He is very straight forward with his biases, doesn’t mind being wrong, and does good coverage.

    2. You DO realize of course that Lucas is a Conservative. Did you bother to check out ANY of his other youtubes?

      it’s not like he is a Lefty who sees things differently.

  2. Looks like he’s been cut from the last two episodes. Wonder if he’ll still get his $120k per episode for those, or is that just for episodes where he appears. Weird, I’d have thought at this point his appearance would have juiced the audience numbers.

    Can’t find a link, but Rush just now said Emanuel’s CNN appearance last night included “decrying the media’s rush to judgement”. Rahm, I don’t think The Onion is actually hiring these days.

    Also this must-read from Quillette. The title there is unfortunate. The article is really about the evolution of human societal culture, from Honor, to Dignity, to now Victimhood.

    We use the term victimhood culture to refer to a new moral framework that differs from the older cultures of honor and dignity. Honor culture refers to a morality that revolves around physical bravery. In honor cultures one’s reputation is important, and it might be necessary to engage in violence to protect it. In the dignity cultures that replaced honor cultures, morality more often revolves around the idea that people have equal moral worth. Insults and slights don’t lower one’s status as they do in honor cultures, and people can ignore many minor offenses and go to the police and courts for more serious ones. Victimhood culture, which is in its most extreme form among campus activists, is different from both honor and dignity cultures. Its morality revolves around a narrative of oppression and victimhood, with victimhood acting as new kind of moral status, much like honor was a kind of moral status in many traditional societies.


    1. The thing about the Mayor of Chicago is that Chicago was put in a bad place by these goings on.

      Suppose the Chicago Police didn’t catch wise to what was going on. There would still be a pair of masked Trump supporters roaming free, as far as the public is concerned, and given the reputation of the police in Chicago, the gossip would be that they don’t care about minorities and didn’t try very hard. So the police had to put a tremendous amount of resources into solving this case.

      Suppose their detectives sensed early on that this thing was made up, but they couldn’t get solid evidence to prove it? An even worse problem for them.

      Suppose they arrested the two brothers, who are not white Trump supporters, but didn’t get any information from them? Yeah, yeah, a pair of white guys did the crime and two black guys to the time?

      In some ways they got “lucky” — the story is that the two brothers were in custody and being interrogated for a long time before they admitted to this.

      OK, Rahm Emanuel is a Democrat and the whole Democratic Party presidential slate jumped on this thing? Yeah, fly with the crows, get shot with the crows, but what is the mayor supposed to do, get on the TV and call the junior Senator from California and the junior Senator from New Jersey irresponsible? Is he supposed to switch parties? You are kind of stuck with your affiliations and political loyalties.

      1. Not a bad analysis.

        Mr. Smollett, I suspect, is already well on the way to becoming an un-person. The Left can forgive almost anything, especially of someone with such a high intersectionality index. But making practically the entire American Left appear ridiculous in a high-profile way is the one thing that might just consign Smollett to Coventry. It’ll be interesting to see whether his sudden disappearance from show business is a solo act or whether it will also encompass his showbiz siblings as well.

        1. He will survive.

          I’ve watched a few interview videos on youtube where they ask lefties their opinion and while a lot are upset, many think that he was doing a good thing by raising awareness about an epidemic of hate crimes. Its insane.

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