16 thoughts on “Your Feel-Good Story Of The Day”

  1. “Our rangers are well-trained and making progress in controlling the poaching.”

    By leaving raw meat out on the Savannah wrapped up in camouflage clothing for the lions?

  2. I understand that in some cases, if the rangers catch you poaching, they will shoot you and leave it to the animals to clean up the evidence. Saves on incarceration and court costs. Eliminates the possibility of a ‘wrong’ verdict after a court trial.

    But that’s just what I hear.

  3. Off topic, but interesting:

    Science Daily article on a two-year autism treatment study

    At the start of the study, 83% of participants were rated as “severe” autism. At the end of the study, only 17% were “severe,” 39% were “mild/moderate,” and 44% were below the cut-off for mild ASD.

    New wonder drug?
    Nope. Poo transfer, on the theory that gut microbes are the root of the problem.

  4. Elephant to the rhinos: “Don’t worry. I got your back.”

    Lions: “Poachers are delicious! Who knew?”

  5. Well, they bumped the launch to 8:30 PM, and then to 11:30 PM Eastern, so hopefully sometime tonight.

    Ooop. And as I was typing that, it got bumped to 9:35 PM tomorrow, April 11. That’s not good because everyone will be watching a new episode of The Orville.

      1. I don’t mean the general public, I mean the folks at SpaceX launch control. The computers handle most everything during launch anyway.

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