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  1. To be a member of the Cult of the State at this point in human history–after all the bloodshed and looting caused by their “god” during the past hundred years–you have to be a little crazy yourself, or criminally stupid. With that as your starting point, the whackiness of , say, “Chiquita Khruschev” isn’t that far of a stretch.

  2. A big part of the disconnect is that it’s the activists who staff the local campaigns or bombard the phone banks when they don’t get their way.

    When a Dem politician shifts positions, they get immediately rewarded or slammed by the woke folks, while they hear little or nothing from the normal working class Democrats.

    However, the woke crowd is being sucked into a virtual spiral, which has its own brutal math. The more radical each one becomes, the more prominent their own position among the other radicals, but the smaller their total numbers become as centrists peel off. But to each radical, it’s better to be in charge of the last platoon than a mid-level flunky in an intact battalion. Once that behavior takes hold it can be hard to reverse before the inevitable collapse occurs.

    There was a article this week that noted that Israel no longer has a left-wing in politics. Labor, often in a coalition with other left wing parties, ran Israel for decades. But now there is only an Israeli center, right, and far right, with the Labor and other left-wing parties barely scraping up enough votes to qualify for a seat in the Knesset, as the cutoff is somewhere around 3%.

    If the Democrats go full socialist this cycle, which is only supported by 22% of the voters, many of their centrists will flip to the Republicans. That will mean the far left will have an even greater sway in the party, driving off yet more voters, and so on, winning so few seats that they have no voice or influence in Congress, making them even more radical, until they end up repeating what happened in Israel.

    It may not be probable, but it’s certainly possible given the political idiocy they’ve been displaying.

    1. We just had this with the school board elections here in the City of Ulyanov*, where the incumbent Stalinist board members with the backing of the workers’ councils (the small-s soviets) were all defeated by the Maoists.

      * formerly the People Republic of Madison, but the name was changed after it became known that James Madison held people in slavery.

  3. If so, not in time, I hope.

    The last time you expressed such sentiments Obama was elected.

    Be careful what you wish for.

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