Trump’s Brilliant Trolling

Thoughts from Ann Althouse on the “threat” to send the wonderful immigrants to sanctuary cities.

Per one of the comments, one of the many reasons they’re squealing like the stuck pigs that they are is that sending the newcomers to blue cities and states defeats the purpose of importing large numbers of new Democrat voters. Obama always flooded the red states with them.

And yes, they are being NIMBY about this (as with much else).

And yes, this is still appropriate, half a century later.

[Update a while later]

Tucker Carlson: Trump calls the Democrats’ bluff on illegal immigration.

He really has put them in a box.

[Update a few minutes later]

Democrats are furious that Trump has exposed them for the virtue-signaling hypocrites that they are.

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  1. I posted this in another thread, but probably more appropriate here:

    On his Saturday morning Periscope, Scott Adams had an excellent take on Trump’s calling the Democrats bluff. He believes that Trump instantly made the topic of welcoming illegal immigrants into this country toxic to any Democrat politician.

    According to Scott, the final two moves to checkmate are: 1) Trump to ask Democrats politicians for any volunteers to take illegal immigrants into their communities, 2) then, if the bait is taken, ask them for an exact number of how many illegals they will take.

    As long as the Democrats can keep the argument at a fuzzy high-level, “immigration” or “anti-immigration” they can win. But, the instant they are nailed down on specifics such as how many illegal immigrants are good, versus how many are bad (or too many), their arguments evaporate. For instance, if 1000 illegal immigrants in your community is supposed to be good, why isn’t 100,000 even better?

      1. This is not about immigration.
        With legal immigration, emigrates live wherever they want to live- it is not up to the US government, at all.

        This about holding illegal immigrants, who are claiming asylum, and that claim require a hearing to decide if they have a legal right to asylum. And with the large number seeking asylum, it is requiring a long time to process it thru the courts.
        And what do you do with these people in the meantime?
        And the process has been altered by lawsuits and etc.
        And legally to seek asylum, a person fleeing an oppressive regime is suppose to ask for asylum is first country they get to from the country they are fleeing from.
        But they have essentially toss this out the window, and effectively, if you have a child with you, if run across a US border guard or if standing on US soil, you can ask for asylum and they have the right to have that hearing.
        But currently it takes about 5 years to get a hearing.

        What do with them?
        Border security can detain them for about 20 days and are responsible for them in terms medical problems and they can have them fill in forms, and etc.
        After 20 days they are transferred to other government agencies and generally they are then released “somewhere” and are suppose to return for their hearing at whatever the date is [years in future].

        You one actually knows how many illegal immigrants or we have good idea how many legal immigrants they is. And have a clue in terms of the number of illegal immigrants which border agents have detained, process, and released to public.
        It has long been guessed it’s about 11 million. and recent study, has guessed it’s over 20 million.

        But Sacamento has population of 1/2 million and let’s pick 1% and that is 5000. So should Sacamento invite 5000 illegal immigrants per year which are released into US to await their hearing?
        I believe or assume there are smaller towns which are closer to border which are already getting more than 5000 per year.

      2. My take on that is this rate is pretty disruptive. For example, it’d only take about 10-15 years for immigrants to be more numerous than the existing African American population.

        However, I think 0.5% immigration rate could be maintained indefinitely.

      3. Keep in mind that the number of illegal immigrants apprehended is only who gets caught and not who gets in. Then add in all the visa overstays and all of the legal immigrants.

  2. For instance, if 1000 illegal immigrants in your community is supposed to be good, why isn’t 100,000 even better?

    That’s an example of how “the dose makes the poison”. Something that most Progressive Leftists always fail to comprehend, and why they need to have 100,000 new neighbors with no skills and no knowledge of English.

      1. Jordan Peterson has mentioned that studies in the Third World show a high correlation between xenophobia and the prevalence of communicable diseases, and that it likely is an innate evolved defense mechanism. Denouncing xenophobia all day long is just virtue signalling or guilt shaming if the underlying cause of xenophobia can be eased by vaccinating anyone who arrives and turning away those carrying diseases we can’t treat or that we’re not all immunized against, just as Ellis Island used to do.

        Since countries with very poor health care systems are especially vulnerable to communicable diseases, the natives are naturally pretty xenophobic. To a liberal who is taken aback at the notion, I would put them further off foot by saying “Perhaps Central American Indians have a historic justification to worry about newly introduced European diseases, you privileged white imperialist genocidal dog.”

        Nobody is worried about visa overstays from Ireland, Canada, France, Poland, or South Korea, not just because of numbers, but because such people carry no added threat of making our own kids sick. Unvaccinated Guatemalan kids carrying measles and some still-unknown polio mimic, plus perhaps drug resistant TB, who will be registered at your kid’s school? Not many are going to sign on with that. Liberals were happy to force them on the rest of us, but are screaming bloody murder when the illegals might attend their own neighborhood schools in vast numbers.

        In line with this idea, old racist cartoons often depicted Irish or Blacks as filthy, and whites-only water fountains and restaurants only make sense if one of the real worries was catching diseases. The Abrahimic religions include ritual ablutions, the washing of both hands and feet, to separate the clean from the unclean. Liberals love to donate for the homeless, but most are loathe to actually hang out with them all day, since there’s no telling what they might carry.

        So now liberals might look anew at images of waves of desperately poor Central Americans climbing through the fence, filthy from both poverty and walking almost the entire length of Mexico in a massive caravan of human waste and communicable disease, and viscerally realize that “Whatever they’ve got is coming towards me!”

        When people feel that they or their families face a personal threat, and their leaders not only refuse to address the threat, but instead gleefully enlarge it, old voting habits are cast aside and loyalties shift.

        1. Nobody is worried about visa overstays from Ireland, Canada, France, Poland, or South Korea, not just because of numbers,

          An astounding number of people overstay their visas every year. It would be great to put an end to all of the illegal immigration. Or, we could just stop letting people in legally since all of the illegals are taking all the slots.

          1. It’s trivial to stop visa overstays. You just take a CMOS clock/calendar chip, a micro battery, and a small explosive charge and implant it in peoples’ necks at the port of entry, just like they do in all sorts of science fiction movies.

            If that causes problems, perhaps explosively decapitating tourists at Disney World, we could switch to a chip that just broadcasts an ICE alert.

            My original thought was to use similar technology to make exploding visas, but people would probably realize that they shouldn’t carry the visa in their chest pocket on the day it expires.

    1. Heck, some don’t even speak Spanish. I’ve poured over Central American educations stats for quite a while. Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador usually rank pretty far down. The literacy rate for indigenous women in Guatemala is about fifty percent. Less than a fourth of the Guatemalan workforce completed high school, whereas a fourth of them never went to first grade.

      Yet the Democrats insist that we need millions of such people in the US workforce. My response is that if there really is a dire need for workers who have virtually no education at all, wouldn’t it make more sense to create such completely uneducated workers right here in the US by banning native born poor and minority students from school and making it at least a misdemeanor to teach one to read? If importing millions of drop-outs who don’t speak English is good, then surely creating millions of drop-outs who do speak English is even better. Think globally, but act locally.

  3. Obama always flooded the red states with them.

    This is true but for some reason the journolists aren’t talking about it.

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