6 thoughts on “Robin DiAngelo”

    1. Always the problem with such approaches – assuming the other side is sincere. But we see here a $10-15k per speaking engagement reason why she won’t listen.

  1. I find it difficult to read articles with white text against a black background–so difficult (as in this case) I usually give it up after one paragraph. Is that racist of me?

    1. “Behind the Black” is far worse for me. My monitor renders the dark grey on light grey text as painful collision with bright white around many of the edges. The visual effect is somewhat similar to red text on a blue background and extremely difficult to read. So I usually have to cut and paste the entire text into something else.

      1. The afterimages of light text on dark background are atrocious and distracting. Maybe it had something to do with my severe myopia and astigmatism, but I still have the problem since the cataract surgery.

        I hated having to look at my co-workers IDE windows because all the cool linux-kidz use multicolored text on a black background. I was told at least once, “you get used to it.” Nope, not me.

  2. Everyone who posts to this blog is suffering from rampant individualism. You should know you didn’t think that. You had help.

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