11 thoughts on “Losing The Pillars Of Civilization”

  1. It’s depressing how many people the Marxists have already killed.
    And they will continue to kill.
    But Marxists are most successful at killing other people, when other people don’t have guns.

    1. “But Marxists are most successful at killing other people, when other people don’t have guns.”

      Yes; there is that. One interesting aspect of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict is that it will basically be a play book for would be “vigilantes” (i.e. people defending themselves). Why weren’t they successful in railroading him? Only one answer the video evidence that the legacy media did their best to ignore both before, during and after the trial. Rittenhouse did a dumb thing if not necessarily illegal, and got lucky that a free-lance journalist just happen to be at the right place/time to go-pro record what happened. Otherwise he would have been toast. Suggest anyone like myself with a concealed carry (CCW) license when carrying especially in public might want to invest in a video/audio body camera. Just bought a cheap one myself from Amazon of the pocket clip variety. Shaping up to probably being just as important a piece of personal protective equipment as body armor or even the gun itself. After all half the challenge (if not more) is surviving the inevitable legal “attack” after the physical attack.

      1. This is why Democrats keep trying to shut down journalism. They physically attack journalists who record their Progressive Marxist militants as well as bully them through threats to employment among other ways.

        Recording yourself in a self defense situation can be a double edged sword.

        1. “Recording yourself in a self defense situation can be a double edged sword.”

          Yes. But assuming you acted appropriately and the knowledge your recording yourself would probably tend to keep you on your p’s &q’s it could be a life saver. Or at least jail saver.

  2. There’s an excellent article on Obama’s weaponization of the FBI and intelligence agencies. Those agencies had been handed a huge upgrade in power by 9/11 while also being compartmentalized so that little if any oversight could be done. That alone is responsible for a large part of our present dysfunctional government.


    1. Yes, the Deep State isn’t a civil service wide conspiracy but rather the ability of Democrats to operate within the chaos and bureaucracy of the federal government with no legitimate oversight or accountability.

  3. They forgot to mention Mark Felt, J. Edgar Hoover, and their little band of merry warriors. They made a big show of fighting crime for decades while ignoring those who had dirt on Hoover. And Felt conspired to bring down a president. Sound familiar? These people are nothing new.

  4. “Conservatives now have lost their former traditional confidence in the administration of justice, in the intelligence and investigatory agencies, in the nation’s military leadership, in the media, and the criminal justice system.”

    This is intentional.

    Democrats need Republicans to be demoralized just like they are in order for the battlespace to be prepared for the Grand Marxist Revolution. They plan for more than one outcome but they want to provoke Republicans into acting in the heat of the moment so that the full force of the military and law enforcement can be brought against them. Short of that, they will continue ratcheting up the pressure until their totalitarian ideology is in control anyway.

    Everyone should either watch some Yuri Bezmenov clips or full lectures. He laid it all out decades ago and everything he said has come to pass.

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