6 thoughts on “The Latest California Craziness”

  1. More Jim Crow from the Jim Crow Democrats.

    Teaching kids how to shoot, gun safety, and spending time with your kids having fun is a key part of American culture for many Americans. It shouldn’t be criminalized as if the kids are out there robbing people and doing drive bys.

    Kids shooting under parental supervision is morally and ethically right and produces good people but Democrats don’t want good people. They want criminals who predate on the populace and people who aren’t Progressive Marxists living as the lowest caste in the Progressive Stack with all the punishments, restrictions, and torture they believe this class deserves.

    Doing this to innocent people is how Democrats feel good about themselves.

  2. …and yet you still are willing to pay for the privilege of living there? I do seem to remember you used to live, at least part of the time, in Florida?

    Three generations from now, those that wish to fight their new masters, having no knowledge of firearms, can throw rocks at the Chinese hovercrafts landing on their beaches. Somehow, though, I think their comrades in Sacramento will be welcoming them with open arms.

  3. I’ve had a few visits to California 1983 to 1996. Wonderful place, too many people, ruined by politics.

  4. I raise my children here, but in the rugged hot central valley. We homeschool which is great for them. We’re too root bound to leave. I have a saying, why should I leave? I’m not the one who sucks.

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