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Natural Arguments For God

Mark Tapscott has what he thinks are the five best ones. I find none of them particularly compelling, and the third one is very weak.

As I note in comments (the discussion has been going on for a couple weeks), science is orthogonal to the issue of whether or not God exists, and (as I argued with Hugh Hewitt years ago) the desire of believers to misuse/misunderstand the nature of science to validate their religious beliefs is indicative of a certain lack of faith. And of course, the fallacy of the blind watchmaker appears, in which I have to point out that rolexes don’t replicate with random errors to improve the breed.

America’s Next Civil War

will be worse than the last one.

Yes. This time it is a war between those who revere the Constitution, and those who hate it.

[Evening update]

OK, let me amend that. It’s a war between those who revere the principles underlying the document (limited government), and those who hate them. Because they are totalitarians. Anyone who thinks (like Elena Kagen) that it would be a “bad idea” (it would actually be a good one, nutritionally) to compel the American people to purchase and eat broccoli, but constitutional, is completely clueless about the philosophy and principles of the document. “Totalitarian” doesn’t have to mean concentration camps. What it means is that there are no limiting principles, and that the personal is political.

And Then There Were Four

Alan Bean has left the earth for the last time.

I just saw Buzz last night at the ISDC awards ceremony, which was probably the most encouraging in the history of that meeting, in which (amid saving The Expanse for another season, with many of the cast and production crew present) Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men in the world, laid out his vision for humanity in space that was shared by all in that room. There will be a party tonight, and I don’t think the organization will have had a more joyous one in its history. It was fitting that it occurred in the very same hotel where the very first conference was held, thirty-seven years ago.

Reversing Aging

The latest, and it looks promising. Humans aren’t rodents, but no reason in principle we shouldn’t be able to do similar things.

[Tuesday-evening update]

Intermittent fasting seems to help. I’ve been doing this as part of my weekday routine for a while. I go all day without eating until dinner time, other than coffee in the morning, but it’s mostly out of convenience rather than for health reasons. I’m glad to hear it might be good for me.