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Gravitational Waves

This is a huge day for Kip Thorne (and others). Nadia Drake has a comprehensive story up already.

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Here’s another write up by Matthew Francis at The Atlantic.

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Here‘s the paper itself.

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And one from Miri Kramer.

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And from Loren Grush.


Imagining a world without them:

“The ecological effect of eliminating harmful mosquitoes is that you have more people. That’s the consequence,” says Strickman. Many lives would be saved; many more would no longer be sapped by disease. Countries freed of their high malaria burden, for example in sub-Saharan Africa, might recover the 1.3% of growth in gross domestic product that the World Health Organization estimates they are cost by the disease each year, potentially accelerating their development. There would be “less burden on the health system and hospitals, redirection of public-health expenditure for vector-borne diseases control to other priority health issues, less absenteeism from schools”, says Jeffrey Hii, malaria scientist for the World Health Organization in Manila.

They kill more humans than any other animal species, by many orders of magnitude. I wouldn’t miss them.

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We have the technology to wipe out all Zika-spreading mosquitos.

Why stop there? Go after every species that vectors blood. As the article notes, though, gene drive is not without risk.

The Science-Correction Process

It’s as broken as peer review.

As with civil (and military) space, we have a 20th-century system in place for the 21st century.

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Related: Why scientists hide their doubts about global warming from the media.

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Peer Review

(From a surprising source) let’s stop pretending that it works.

They can’t do that. It cuts the legs from under one of the primary weapons they use against critics of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change.

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Related: Senator Cruz’s climate hearing with Judith Curry, John Christie, Mark Steyn et all is today at noon PST. Get out the popcorn.