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The Democrats’ (Un)Civil War

It’s the left against the far left. Of course, I always find this sort of thing amusing/infuriating:

A group of moderate Democratic lawmakers sounded the alarm Thursday over the party’s shift to the left, saying the embrace of ultra-liberal policies could endanger their efforts to capture Congress in the November midterm elections and the White House in 2020.

There is nothing “liberal” about them at all, let alone “ultra-liberal.”

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This seems related somehow: Hillary says that Brett Kavanaugh will bring back slavery. Gee, that’s not hyperbolic and demagogic at all.


It’s the 155th anniversary of the battle: Six life lessons.

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No substitute for total victory.”

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, the Democrats will lose again. Because they’re not liberals.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Reading through, I saw this:

That the Democrats sorely miss Obama — a prize con man all his life — is no surprise. Their superannuated party is visibly falling apart, and the fact that the Democrat-Media Complex instantaneously made a star out of a young woman nobody had ever heard of before Tuesday’s New York primaries tell you all you need to know about how desperate they are.

The Democrats, however, should be directing their anger not at Trump and the Republicans, but at themselves. Had they let Hillary have her turn in 2008, instead of roundheeling for Barry, she very well might have won against either McCain or Romney and then passed the baton to Obama who, with four to eight years’ more seasoning, would have been perfectly positioned to finish the “progressive” demolition of America.

As usual, however, they let their passions control their heads and just couldn’t wait to “make history” (like all true Marxists, they’re obsessed with history) by nominating the first plausible black (or, more accurately, mixed-race) candidate for president, and so got ahead of themselves when they should have been taking the long view. By the time Mrs. Clinton’s turn finally came around — and only after rigging the primaries in order to be able to defeat the aging communist Bernie Sanders — who wasn’t even a registered Democrat — she was flyblown and shopworn. A more mature Obama would have been a very dangerous individual indeed, but the still-youthful Barry of 2008-16 was, luckily for us, too indolent and obsessed with golf and hip-hop parties to do as much damage as he might have.

That was their second big mistake (well, third, if you count health care and gun control in 1993, which ended up giving the Republicans Congress for the first time in four decades). If they had removed Clinton in 1999, as they should have, and installed Gore, he’d have almost certainly won in 2000.

Stop Trivializing Naziism

Thoughts from David Harsanyi:

It’s difficult to take this spurious reasoning seriously, but simply because you think you detect some trace parallels between what Nazis engaged in and contemporary politics doesn’t make them comparable in any important way. The Nazis adopted a bunch of socialist policies, but that doesn’t mean Bernie Sanders is a would-be Himmler.

Admittedly, there is huge space in-between zero tolerance and lawlessness at the border. But none of the positions that have been taken in American political discourse so far portends the Fourth Reich. Switzerland and Japan, to name just two liberal democracies, have far stricter immigration laws than the United States, and neither is on the cusp of fascism. Simply because the arbitrary number of allowable immigrants you’ve come up with differs from that of your political opponent doesn’t make that person a budding sociopath.