Stop Calling The BNP “Far Right”

So says Daniel Hannan, who is one of the few British politicians who seems to be a genuine classical liberal. While the “right” won in Europe yesterday (and isn’t it interesting that socialism is on the decline over there at the same time it’s on the rapid increase on this side of the pond?), the minor victory of the British National Party is not part of it. Like their Nazi namesakes in Germany in the thirties, they are fascists, and leftists. As Hannan notes, the press insists on calling them “right wing” not to make them look bad, but to make the true right wing look bad.

[Update early afternoon]

I wonder to what degree yesterday’s elections in Europe are a harbinger for November, 2010? I think it depends a lot on how non-stupid the Republicans can be. So there’s an excellent opportunity for a missed opportunity.

[Update a few minutes later]

Daniel Hannan’s prediction about the voters soon having their say came true. Gordon Brown is indeed the devalued prime minister of a devalued government.

8 thoughts on “Stop Calling The BNP “Far Right””

  1. I think it depends a lot on how non-stupid the Republicans can be.

    IOWs, just give up hope right now.

  2. To date, nothings changed in a year. I have no reason to support any Republican (except for a brief blip for Palin) other than they are not as socialistic as Democrats. At this point, I’d be happy if my lack of support was only for politicians of any stripe that live inside or near the DC Beltway. Unfortunately, I can’t say much for the Republican and Democratic critters in and around Austin.

    But yeah, saying the BNP is more of a statement on where the press is than where BNP is in terms of ideology.

  3. I think you have to recalibrate your right/left scale before making any pronoucements like this.

    For example, you’ll struggle to find a single “right” party member in Europe who is against universal single payer healthcare systems.

    Most of the “right” parties in Europe are still significantly to the left of the democrats, even now.

  4. I have no intention of being more facist (such as supporting universal single payer healthcare) for the benefit of saying I’m to the left of something, such that there is now a right for me.

  5. DaveOn

    With respect, bollocks. I am a right-wing European, and I am disgusted by the British healthcare system. Many ont he British right are, although the left-wing BBC makes it difficult to argue, as the NHS is a totem to them, a matter of almost religious devotion. However I don’t believe the government should pay for universal healthcare through taxes.

    Most people in the UK are horrified by the debt our own government has taken on, let alone who Obama plans. Watch Dan Hannan’s videos, as a ridiculously popular member of the British Conservative Party if you think we are left of teh Democrats. I think they were rather popular with US conservatives.

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