Only A Week And A Half Away

Henry Vanderbilt has released the latest (and probably ninety-percent certain) schedule for next week’s Space Access Conference in Phoenix (I wish he would have permalinks for these things…):

SA’10 Conference Info Update, 03/29/10 – Detailed Program Schedule

Space Access ’10 starts in just over one week. Book your flights and rooms now – early April is still winter sunshine tourist season in Phoenix, and good airfares are going fast. Also, our conference hotel is filling up quickly – remaining rooms in the hotel are now on a first-come, first-served basis. Our discount room rate will remain available through the conference – if rooms are available. Reserve now and be sure! (For conference hotel details scroll down past the SA’10 Program Schedule.)

SA’10, our upcoming annual conference on the technology, politics, and business of radically cheaper access to space, featuring a cross-section of leading players in the field, will once again be the place to hear the latest on the fast-moving entrepreneurial new-space industry. Space Access conferences are set up to maximize opportunities for trading information and making deals. No rubber-chicken banquets, just an intensive single-track presentations schedule in a setting with plenty of comfortable places in the hotel and nearby to go off during the breaks, grab a drink or a bite, and talk.

The agenda is pretty much complete now, subject to last-second fixes. Speakers, if we’ve scheduled you before you arrive or after you leave, or otherwise at an impossible time, let us know ASAP.

If you’re speaking, please note the length of your timeslot, and prepare accordingly – we recommend your presentation take up 2/3rds to 3/4ths of your alloted time, to allow for audience Q&A. Ideally, your graphics should be tested and ready to go on your laptop, so you can just plug into our video projector (and sound system if needed), switch your video over to external, and get started. (Let us know well ahead of time if this presents problems.) We have a full agenda running well into the evening, and we really do need to keep the program running close to schedule. Your help in making the transitions at the start and end of your talk as quick and clean as possible will be greatly appreciated.
SA’10 Program Schedule:

Thursday 4/8/10

1:30 pm Henry Vanderbilt, Space Access Society, with Announcements and A Quick Welcome

1:35 pm Henry Spencer, on Affordable Spaceflight Beyond LEO: Alternate Approaches, Paths Not Taken

2:50 pm George Herbert, on “Project 248” – 2 people, 4 days, 800 kg: Minimal Crew Capsule For A Ton-Class Launcher

3:20 pm

3:50 pm Commercial RLV Technology Roadmap/Dan Rasky, NASA Ames

4:30 pm Masten Space/Dave Masten

5:20 pm Centennial Challenges/Andrew Petro, NASA HQ

6 pm

8 pm Alan Ladwig/NASA HQ

8:40 pm United Launch Alliance/Jeff Patton, on ULA’s Support for NASA’s Commercial Crew Development Program

9:20 pm Panel: High-Payoff LEO & Deep Space Transportation Technologies – Jeff Greason, Jon Goff, Jordin Kare, Henry Spencer, Rand Simberg

10 pm Space Studies Institute/Lee Valentine

10:10 pm Future of Flight Innovation Center/Barry Smith

10:20 pm Space Diver/Rick Tumlinson

10:30 pm

Friday 4/9/10

9 am Charles Miller, Senior Advisor for Commercial Space, NASA HQ, on An NACA Approach To Low Cost Reliable Access To Space

9:40 am DC-X, High-Alpha and the Continued Quest for the VTVL Spaceplane/Bill Gaubatz, Layne Cook

10:30 am

11 am XCOR Aerospace/Jeff Greason

11:50 am Paragon Space Development/Jane Poynter

12:20 pm Space Frontier Foundation/Ryan McLinko

12:30 pm

2 pm CRuSR (Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research)/Douglas Maclise, NASA Ames

2:40 pm Panel: Propellant Depots: “Impedance Matching” Between LEO Launch And Deep-Space Missions – Dallas Bienhoff, Jon Goff, Bernard Kutter, Rand Simberg

3:30 pm

4 pm Lasermotive/Jordin Kare

4:40 pm FAA AST/Michelle Murray

5:20 pm SpaceWorks Commercial/A.C. Charania

5:50 pm Tethers Unlimited/Gerald Nordley

6 pm

8 pm Gary Hudson, on The Past Forty Years In The Commercial Space Business And A View Of Its Future

9 pm Dynetics/Tim Pickens

9:20 pm Panel: World Space Programs & Projects – Clark Lindsay, Dave Salt, Henry Spencer

10 pm Misuzu Onuki, on Japanese Space Venture Developments

10:20 pm Heron Aerospace/E.Parker Bradley

10:30 pm

Saturday 4/10/10

9 am Leik Myrabo, on The RPI Laser Propulsion Laboratory/International Collaboration On Hypersonic BEP With Brazil/LTI Work With Umea Institute of Design On 2-5 Passenger Lightcraft Design

9:50 am Henry Spencer, on Realities Of Nanosat Launch: What Nanosats Are And What They Want From Launchers

10:20 am

10:50 am Armadillo Aerospace/John Carmack

11:40 am Flometrics/Steve Harrington

12:10 am Stratofox/Ian Kluft

12:20 am TBA

12:30 am

2 pm Unreasonable Rocket/Paul Breed

2:30 pm Copenhagen Suborbitals/Frank Smith

2:50 pm Frontier Astronautics/Tim Bendel, Michael Carden

3:20 pm SpeedUp/Bob Steinke

3:30 pm

4 pm Rocketplane Global/Chuck Lauer

4:30 pm Tim Pickens, on Orion Propulsion: The 5-Year Journey

4:50 pm Panel: Newspace Startup Finance – Stephen Fleming, Joe Pistritto, TBA

5:30 pm Panel: Politics of the New NASA Policies – Jeff Foust, Michael Heney, Jim Muncy, Henry Vanderbilt, TBA

6:10 pm

Overall Conference Schedule:
– Thursday April 8th, sessions 1:30 pm – ~10 pm
– Friday April 9th, sessions 9 am – ~10 pm
– Saturday April 10th, sessions 9 am – ~ 6 pm
– Space Access Hospitality Suite open till late all three nights.

SA’10 takes place at the Best Western Grace Inn at 10831 South 51st St in Phoenix Arizona, ten miles from the Phoenix Airport via free hotel shuttle, in a pleasant suburban neighborhood with a variety of shopping and dining a short walk away, with free parking.

Our rates are the same as last year, both for SA’10 conference registration ($100 by check mailed in advance, $120 check cash or credit card at the door, student rate $30 either way) and hotel rooms ($99 a night for 1 or 2 – this rate includes all room taxes and full American hot buffet breakfast).

For hotel room reservations, phone the Grace Inn at 800 843-6010. Ask for the “space access conference rate” for our $99-inclusive discount room rate. (If you’re attending, this rate is good for three days before and after the conference too, if you want to catch some extra Arizona springtime sun.)

For advance SA’10 conference registration, mail checks (we’re working on it, but for the moment credit cards can be accepted only at the door) to

Space Access ’10
5555 N 7th St #134-348
Phoenix AZ 85014

If you mail in your registration, print, fill out, and send along this form so we’ll have all the info we need to have your badge ready when you arrive.

——————-Space Access ’10 Advance Registration—————-

Name _________________________________________________________________

Organization _________________________________________________________
(optional, will appear on badge, 20 characters max)

email ________________________________________________________________
(for conference updates and newsletter)

amount enclosed ______________ for ___________________________________

Note the hours of the scheduling. This is not a “let’s go to a company-paid meeting and play golf at company expense” boondoggleconference. It’s hard core, for real space transportation fanaticsenthusiasts, and the discussion goes on into the night at the parties. It’s always worth attending, but this is a particularly interesting year, given events in Washington and the new policy, which is still being wrangled. (And hopefully not Rangelled…)

I encourage you to come, despite the fact that I’m on two panels. The rest of it (and even the rest of the panels) will be goodgreat.

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  1. I second what John says. I *really* wish I could have gone to this, but finances do not permit. Maybe next year. Rand will you be posting your slides here after the conference for those of us who cannot attend? I am also very keen to see what Charles Miller has to say about ‘A NACA Approach To Low Cost Reliable Access To Space.’ Can you obtain a copy of his slides and post them here after the conference or at least cajole him into making them available to the public and post a link for us afterwards?


  2. I was just about to sign up then I realized that this falls on the week of our semi-annual maintenance outage and there is no way I could take off with good conscience. Are there any plans or would someone be willing to create videos of the conferences? I would be willing to pay money to view/buy them, either online or via DVDs.

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