9 thoughts on “The Unintended Consequences Of ObamaCare”

  1. I hate to be pessimistic, but we are going to continue to be ruled by idiots. Obama will certainly win in 2012 if the Republicans put up any of the current front-runners. I just shuddered when I saw an article on Gingrich throwing his hat in the ring.

    Maybe John Stossel had it right with the seasteading idea on his show the other day.

  2. The problem with seasteading is it’s too close. The moon is too close. The problem is far enough is too costly.

    The other problem is keeping to principles.

    More and more it seems we are not qualified to “direct our own steps.”

  3. I just shuddered when I saw an article on Gingrich throwing his hat in the ring.

    I live in a part of Georgia Gingrich used to represent in Congress. Talk of him running for president doesn’t even raise a shrug around here.

    Don’t worry about Newt. He’ll finish behind Jon Huntsman and Charlie Crist.

  4. Obama will certainly win…

    Planning to spend a billion dollars to do it.

    Does it trouble anyone that the presidency is a paid for popularity contest? He’s not even Mr. Congenial.

    If we can’t win on ideas, the country is ooovvveeeerrrr.

    Palin has fight. You can’t judge her based on what McCain’s minions did to her. West has more fight. The media has been going after them now for years. They’ve been inoculated.

    Don’t tell me Palin/West 2012 can’t bury Obama/Biden. If enthusiasm is what it takes, their supporters will have it.

  5. Palin and Gingrich might actually make fine presidents, but the problem is that they are spectacularly weak as *candidates*. Huckabee and Romney will also lose to Obama.

    We need a dark horse candidate to show up and unseat these losers. If not, Obama will certainly win.

    There is hope, though. Remember Bill Clinton was a dark horse candidate. It doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen.

  6. Except President Paul doesn’t strike me as a sound military strategist and with a weakened country we are going to need one. That’s part of the reason Col West would make a good VP for Palin.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Prez Paul shakes things up a bit. Now that we’ve had Obama, nobody else scares me. Hey, make Oprah Prez?

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