3 thoughts on “Faster, Please”

  1. Coronary thrombosis was first described in the medical literature in 1912. It wasn’t “discovered” then, that’s just shortly after it started appearing in the population.

    Populations studied by Doctors prior to those populations adopting a modern, Western diet often have a heart disease rate of 0.00%.

    It’s pure diet. We don’t need a pill for this. We just need to stop eating crap.

  2. It’s probably a bit more complicated than that, Brock. We probably also need to start walking 20-30 miles a day, and (at least for men) return to being able to respond to typical existential threats by killing them with our spears, immediately, rather than (say) sitting stoically in a courthouse while paid mouthpieces slander our character, or submitting to working 40% of the hours of our lives for people who could not fix a drain or car, build a house, solve a cubic equation, or track a moose to save their lives, but who feel free to lecture us on how to be better men while distributing the sweat of our brow to random parasites of their choice, or meekly turning the other cheek while a popular culture treats us as clumsy, emotionally unstable, untrustworthy cogs whose only significant choice is into which slot of the wonderful Social Machine we want to be fitted.

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